666 West End Avenue New York, NY


Type of Work: Electrical work: modification of existing electrical power distribution infrastructure, installation of new electrical circuit breaker panels and meter banks for existing apartments, electrical renovation of building in occupied building (400 Apartments). Completion Date: 2010

37 West 12th Street, New York (Approx 150 Apartments)


Type of Work: Replacement of existing power distribution main service equipment in occupied residential building due to flood damage. Placing new 1200 Amps Service Entrance Box, 1200 Amps Service Switch, new 1200 Amps Meter Bank and new wiring troughs for future apartment risers. Furnishing and installation of new (1) 350kW Emergency Generator unit. Completion Date: [...]

Luna Park Houses Brooklyn NY


Type of Work: 5 buildings, 1,200 apartments. New 4,000 Amp service entrance, services for air conditioning additional load.  Vertical risers and apartment panels with AC receptacles in apartments, property line boxes with underground lines. Completion Date: 2002

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