Management Policy Statement On Safety

It is the responsibility of the owners and management personnel of Inter Connection Electric to provide a place of employment that is free from all recognizable hazards and situations that could result in injury to its employees. Management personnel will make every practical and reasonable effort to meet this condition.

The safety of every employee of Inter Connection Electric is the top priority of the company business. It is for this reason that this safety policy has been written.

Management personnel will be responsible for providing each employee with training on a regular basis to ensure that all employees are kept up to date on all standards and work practices applicable to the nature of our work.

Management personnel, as well as individual employees, will be responsible for conducting frequent and regular inspections of the workplace, and the tools and equipment used to ensure their safe working condition.

It will be a condition of employment for all management personnel to enforce the safety policies set forth in this manual.

It shall also be a condition of employment for all employees to follow the rules and regulations set forth in this policy, and all applicable OSHA regulations at all times while employed by Inter Connection Electric.

-Jeff Skowronski


  • The objectives of this safety program are as follows:
  • To provide a program of safety consistent with good construction practices.
  • To create an attitude of safety consciousness in management, field supervisory personnel and all field workers.
  • To minimize accidents through pre-planning safety into the work to be performed on each project. Such pre-planning will require the identification of present and future hazardous conditions in each operation.
  • To provide a uniform policy of safety management consistent with the requirements of federal, state, and local safety standards.
  • To provide assignment of specific responsibilities of effective enforcement and control of a safety program.
  • To provide a means of continuing development and updating of safety education and training.
  • To provide a means for involvement of our subcontractors, when used, in a continuing safety program.

Company Principles

The ultimate responsibility for safety within the company lies with the President. Without his support, direction, assignment of responsibility and holding individuals accountable, the program will not work.

The responsibility for making the safety program work must be delegated by the Company President to various officers, managers, superintendents, and foremen. Making the program work must be a part of their job responsibilities. These people must be held accountable for job site safety. These people must cooperate in the:

  • Development and implementation of safe working conditions and an attitude of safety among all employees.
  • Appointment of appropriate persons to administer the program.
  • Provision for collecting, evaluating and circulating safety information, necessary audio/visual aids and other appropriate materials.
  • Circulation and maintenance of accident record systems with periodic review and evaluation.
  • Periodic field inspection of safety conditions, which will be reviewed with site personnel.