NYC Commercial Electrical Services

Safe and Reliable Electrical Services in NYC

Inter Connection Electric is your premier New York City commercial electrical services provider. ICE is a full service commercial electrical contractor that delivers code compliant expertise for electrical wiring and cable services and repairs whether it is adding a new electrical box, new circuits to an office, or wiring up commercial equipment with power. We will also review and rectify any code violations at your facility and offer a surge protection solution for your unique application. Code compliance is crucial to minimize liability with increased safety and reliability. Have no doubt ICE knows the code in your city and county.

Each electrical specialist of ICE is fully trained to provide superior electrical services on every project we take on. Our team is made up of electrical experts who are well versed in the latest industry guidelines, standards, and stay on top of any changes or updates in the state or local building codes to ensure safe and reliable NYC commercial electrical services for your office space. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

Inter Connection will install all the wires, devices, and fittings that carry electricity from the power company’s transformer to the consumer. ICE will construct the distribution equipment that the electrical energy will pass through to the power-consuming devices. These service components will protect, meter and distribute the power to the branch circuits. In addition, ICE are vast experiences with interfacing with Con Edison.

Electrical Service Entrances and Distribution Systems

No electrical system is no complex for Inter Connection Electric. We deal with all electrical wiring and associated devices such as switches, meters, generator and switchgear to deliver all the power you need for modern life in the safest way possible.

Electrical Tubing & Wiring for New Buildings or Rewiring of Existing Buildings

Inter Connection Electrical engages in the business of installing, servicing, of Fire Alarm system with integration with Fire Pump, Gas Booster Pump, Smoke Control Systems, Elevator Recall and Generators. ICE also deals with the installation of the in-building auxiliary radio communication (ARC) system as per the 2014 NYC building code.

Inter Connection Electrical installs an auxiliary radio communication system is an emergency two-way communication system that first responders usually FDNY can use when responding to a fire or other urgent situation in your building. This emergency communication system enables full radio communication throughout the building usually via the stairwell. This is mission-critical when other forms of communication are unavailable, and there’s an emergency (fire) unfolding.

Fire Alarm Systems
Fire Alarm Systems

ICE will provide you a reliable and stable supply of electricity under a wide range of operating conditions. We have installed generators and UPS of all sizes and in all locations. Let us provide you a backup power source and improve the reliability of your facilities electrical supply.

UPS Backup Systems and Emergency Generators

ICE has been installing residential and commercial intercom systems in our local New York City commercial electrical services market for years. These systems provide a unique path of communication between multiple locations for security or general day to day purposes. Our company shall provide you with furnish and installation of whatever system you may desire whether it be wireless or wired intercom system.

Voice & Video Intercom Systems

Inter Connection Electric is capable of provide full interior building Telecommunication and Data horizontal and vertical infrastructure. We will pull the fiber and copper lines and terminate them into a voice/data room. We will install equipment racks, supply and install outlets plates, conduit, patch panels, and trays to form a complete structured system for voice and data cabling within a building.

Data and Communication Systems

We will provide you with installation of the most up to date security systems for all your needs. No job is to big or too small when it comes to the protection of your assets. Inter Connection is here to help.

CCTV and Security Systems

Switchgear, main distribution panel, sub-distribution panel, and branch wiring. Sub metering or direct metering of multiple tenants for easy billing.

Custom Services